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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Dramatic sunsets can be full of amazing colours, and -so I am told- sunrises can be fantastic too! (I am a night person)

The images for this photo challenge include two sunsets taken from my front veranda on summer evenings. I live on a beautiful ten acres on a property in rural Victoria, Australia. The third image is a sunrise taken from an aeroplane on the way home from Japan – that’s why I was awake at that time of the morning!

I hope you enjoy these images ūüôā



Sunrise from an aeroplane

Sunrise from an aeroplane










































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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

This weeks challenge is right up my alley – I love taking photographs of detailed subjects, including macro shots of my ceramic sculpture.

More entries in this weekly challenge can be viewed here.

Seaweed at the Beach

Seaweed at the Beach

Tree Shadows

Tree Shadows

Detail of  ceramic sculpture

Detail of ceramic sculpture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

I haven’t participated in a weekly photo challenge for a while, because life caught up with me – including a trip to Italy to exhibit. I’ve been back for about four weeks and am now just starting to feel normal again!

My contribution to this weeks challenge is a photo taken along the shoreline in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.



I am not sure what type of tree this is (I must find out) but like all trees they follow a universal formula Рas does everything in nature (even humans) Рyet the individual strips of bark on the tree sets it apart as unique Рas do the personality traits of humans.

And so this is my vision of “unique”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

This weeks photo challenge theme is quite convenient – for me at least!

Last weekend I spent Friday and Saturday night in Apollo Bay with my partner Strobe, because he won second prize in the Greens Art Prize, and two nights accommodation was the prize (pretty good prize)!

Apollo Bay is a coastal town along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, and is a popular tourist destination for international and local tourists. During the winter months its resident population is around 2,000, but come summer this explodes to 15,000 – 20,000! Luckily we were there just before this explosion.

So the photo challenge ‘renewal’¬†theme¬†has a double meaning for me : first it coincides¬†with a relaxing and renewing weekend away, strolling along the beach, sleeping in, coffee on the promenade, yummy¬†restaurants¬†and taking photos!

Secondly, the constant renewal of the environment by Mother Nature. As well as personal renewal, the photos I am sharing depict detail images of the ever changing shoreline. As tides flow in and flow out coastal debris becomes ensnared in damp sand, forming mini organic installations. And each day these spontaneous ephemeral artworks created by Mother Nature are renewed, fresh and invigorated for the next beach comber.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Geometry

This weeks photo challenge is about geometry, and the example given was architectural – strong bold lines against a clear wispy cloud sky, a great image. For me, however, there is much more to geometry than bold lines. Bold lines tend to me human made structures, so that things ‘fit’ together better. Nature, however, develops curves and crevices as a means to make a better fit, and get the most out of every surface. Often the geometry in nature are fractals, ever repeating patterns in natural objects.

So my post this week is going to feature both types of geometry – all of the images I took while on a residency in Vallauris, France in 2010.

Enjoy ūüôā

Awnings, tiles and a chimney arranged in a striking geometric pattern

Gorgeous old building that were my view from my bedroom window

Medieval Cobblestones: original Roman road showing how humans altar natural shapes to make them ‘fit’ together better

Town Centre: a mixture of both human and natural geometry along the Vallauris skyline

Tree Fractals

Beach Geometry: Stones and the ever repeating flow of waves – both examples of natural geometry.

Inspiration: some natural objects I collected for inspiration that I assembled in a geometric fashion in the studio

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Being a mother there are not many ‘things’ that are ‘mine’. As mothers we are socialised to be selfless, and ‘mine’ implies a level of possession and selfishness – not necessarily in a bad way. Being selfish is a survival mechanism, but as mums your instinct – which is reinforced by societal conditioning – is to protect your kids first. So I had to think about this challenge, and what I consider to be MINE!!

So here it is : HANDS OFF MY PASTELS!

To see some of my drawings you can visit my OTHER BLOG

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

As I am currently living in Bentleigh, and not¬†my home, I don’t have access to all my camera lenses, so for this weeks challenge I’ve dug up some images from a couple of years ago that I took while undertaking an artist residency in Beaufort, Victoria.

At this time large parts of Victoria were under drought conditions, and many of our waterways were extremely low, if not dried up.

The aim of this residency was to draw attention to the environmental impacts of climate change by creating an installation on one of the many regional lakes in the area. I chose Lake Beaufort, one of many rural lakes, which was extremely low at the time. In fact at this time Lake Wendouree, Lake Learmonth nd Lake Burrumbeat were completely dry.

During the first few days of the residency I contructed some large abstracted bird forms from recycled clay on the shore line of the lake Рwhich was actually exposed lake bed. After the forms had dried they were moved into the water and allowed to disintergrate. The process was documented photographically, as is the practice for ephemeral installations. Many of the photos I took using the near and far method in order to highlight the exposed lake bed.

An exhibition of selected photographs from the residency was later exhibited at the Ararat Regional Art Gallery.

The bouy in the foreground was once in the water, it now sits marooned on the dry lake bed. The length of the chain indicates how deep the water was at this point. The clay sculptures can be seen in the distance on the waterline.

The clay birds can be seen in the far distance on the waterline. The foreground is dry lake bed.

Late afternoon View of the dry lakebed. Debris that was once beneath the water is now exposed. Clay sculptures in the distance.

The clay sculptures are now in the water.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

What better symbol of the free spirit than the moon!! Throughout history the moon has inspired, romance, creativity, rebellion, hedonism and many other free spirited desires and emotions.

These images were taken at 3am on the 1st September, 2012 in Dunnstown, a semi rural town on the outskirts of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia Рwhich is where I live.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

This weeks entry features an organic,¬†wispy¬†spun spider’s web sitting on the cold, hard, manufactured surface of my bathroom wall… I didn’t purposefully¬†juxtapose¬†the elements – nature did it for me!

Spider Web : Digital Photograph

Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

This is my second week participating in the WordPress weekly photo challenge… and the¬†photo¬†I¬†am posting was taken about a year ago on my rural property in Dunnstown,¬†Victoria,¬†Australia.

It is of a small, new, delicate toadstool sprouting from some horse manure on an early fresh winters morning – for me this encapsulates ‘growth’.

I like this photo because of the layers of landscape, and the detail of the water beads on the new green grass… again all about growth, newness and feshness.

Hope you enjoy it too ūüôā

Mushroom : Digital Photograph – unedited

© Dawn Whitehand 2012

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