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Makeshift Papermaking

So, as regular readers will know I have a fully functional ceramics studio… but if I want to do a little papermaking…?

a. I don’t have the  equipment needed
b. I don’t want to purchase the equipment needed

ALSO, as regular readers may know I have ‘another’ blog, which is dedicated to poetry and drawing, and I love drawing on handmade paper because I enjoy the random textures that handmade paper brings to an (abstract) image.

SO what to do? IMPROVISE…

Suddenly frames from old paintings or drawings executed years ago (and which I now don’t particulary like) combined with old torn fly screens becomes the mould, and another slightly smaller picture frame becomes the deckle. Recycled polystyrene containers become the vats, and kids clothes that have been sitting around waiting to be delivered to the Salvos, become the felts. Here is Australia it is Summer so the clothes horse is the paper dryer, and the absence of a proper paper press means clamps (that I don’t know the proper ‘tool’ name for)  are used.

I am pretty set to go… because of my limited equipment I am going with recycled paper for this project.

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