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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

I’ve decided, for this weeks photo challenge, to post some organic, natural patterns – namely the type that occurs in the textured glazes I use on some of my ceramic sculpture.  The glazes I use are formulated to highlight the natural shapes of the forms, and the patterns that eventuate are based on fractal structures –  a term introduced by French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot (born 1924) in 1975 to describe the ever recurring uneven and apparent random – yet predictable – patterns that happen in nature. This theory also ties into chaos theory – which is actually not chaotic, but in fact also predicable!

I have also included a detail of a piece of handmade paper made from natural materials… again this handmade process using natural materials has formed an organic, yet repetitive pattern.

Patterns such as this, and indeed fractal and chaos theory, are an amazing insight into the inherent rules of nature – as opposed to the constructed and controlled patterns of humankind.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Color

Dramatic sunsets can be full of amazing colours, and -so I am told- sunrises can be fantastic too! (I am a night person)

The images for this photo challenge include two sunsets taken from my front veranda on summer evenings. I live on a beautiful ten acres on a property in rural Victoria, Australia. The third image is a sunrise taken from an aeroplane on the way home from Japan – that’s why I was awake at that time of the morning!

I hope you enjoy these images 🙂



Sunrise from an aeroplane

Sunrise from an aeroplane










































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New Sculptural Artwork

This is the latest artwork to emerge from the studio: Pod.

It features three wheelthrown, manipulated, burnished and sawdust fired ceramic forms, woven into a pod-like structure made from willow, eucalyptus, bark and jute.

I love combining natural materials with ceramics,as they compliment each other so well.

A short statement about Pod:

Pod explores the natural environment, and via its interweaving construction the interconnection of human relationships and what they mean in the twenty-first century. The sculpture is made of small seed pod symbols made of clay fired in a pit dug into the ground and eucalyptus bark and small branches embracing the pods signifying the interwoven environment in which we live.

Dimensions: 66 x 16 x 9cm Price: $420.00 (any sales enquiries can be directed to my email address)

I hope you like Pod 🙂



Pod: detail

Pod: detail

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