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More from the studio 2nd October 2011

Worked on assembling/finishing both functional and sculptural forms today. The works I threw a few days ago are finally firm enough to turn/trim… its been very cold & damp here… so teabowls were turned, the teapot was assembled. It will have a bamboo handle. And the sculture was finished and assembled This sculpture will, when glazed, be mounted on metal rods, not the wood pictured… the wooden poles are just to temporarily assemble the sculpture to check that its ‘working’ visually…

In the Studio Today : 1st October 2011

thrown works finally firm enough to turn/trim: finished the functional wares today: teapot, shallow open bowl, teabowls (inspired by my Korea trip) …

Today in the Studio

The weather is cold and wet at the moment so I could not turn/trim my donuts and teabowls because they were still too soft… so I made a handbuilt tea-set  instead, with a nicely textured surface.

Throwing teabowls off the hump

Demonstrating throwing teabowls off the hump… 
The finished teabowls waiting to be turned/trimmed… tomorrows task!!

Today’s studio happenings

Todays studio outcomes: more donuts (see “How-to” video in video category), some teabowls & the components of a teapot!!

Throwing donuts!!

Throwing donuts on the wheel today in the studio…

New Tableware Range

A new tableware range I am developing that I hope to put in stores: kitchenware, gift, etc…  maybe even on Etsy!!

Another productive day in the studio

Another busy studio day…. the imaginings are beginning to take shape :-))

Todays work in the studio…

The “plan” is to glaze the works in a dry white crawling/crackle style glaze & rub coloured stains into the cracks after firing. An example of this with black stain can be viewed here.

Works in progress

Currently I am working toward an exhibition in November in Ballarat with Strobe which will be called Earth and Sky. I am the Earth, Strobe is the Sky (he takes abstract aviation photos). Some of these works will be pit fired and some glazed.

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