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New YouTube Video: Pottery Techniques – Throwing on Bats

I’ve had a YouTube account for a while now and haven’t really used it very much…so I thought it was time to utilise it and get myself out there a bit more!

In the past I have mainly used YouTube to watch and listen to music, and I have kept all the music videos I have favourited in the past. Adding to this I am uploading ceramic/pottery tutorials and some slideshows of my drawings and photography.

As some readers may know I teach ceramics/pottery from my studio and so am often demonstrating and instructing during class. However,it often needs a few demos for concepts to become solidified in students’ minds – so, what better way than to have some video tutorials they can watch from home to help strengthen their learning.

This is the latest video tutorial I have uploaded, and features me demonstrating the technique of throwing on bats (no not the flying animal kind).

Throwing on bats (boards)is ideal for throwing multiples in one session – it is especially suitable for throwing bowls and platters as it allows you to remove them from the wheelhead without warping.

So, have a look, and checkout some of my others videos while you are there 🙂

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