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Mosaics Project: the official launch!

Regular readers will be aware that over the past two terms I have been working with a group of enthusiastic special needs people at the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre. The group, with some others from the centre, have been working on creating a community garden, and the group of people I worked with were specifically concentrating on the sensory … Continue reading

Mosaics Project – an update

Mosaics Project at the Ballarat Neighbourhood House. Hello everyone, hope you have all had a good week. Just checking in with a quick update on the mosaics project I have been working on for the past two school terms. The group meets once a week for two and a half hours and we have accomplished so … Continue reading

Mosaics project in Ballarat

Hello all – an update on the community mosaic project for you, previous posts of which can be seen HERE. After finishing our mosaic pavers for the sensory garden we are now full steam ahead on completing the group mural for the garden – this is a bit more tricky as we have to make … Continue reading

Mosaics Project at the Ballarat Neighourhood Centre

Regular readers will know I am co-ordinating a community art project at the Ballarat Neighbourhood House. The great news it is all on schedule – the individual mosaics project is almost complete…. it won’t be long till we move onto the group mosaic mural. It has been such a great project with the students being so … Continue reading

Mosaics Project in Ballarat

Mosaics Project at the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre As some readers may know I am involved in a mosaics project working with special needs people at the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre. The intention is to create a sensory garden, and within the garden there will be mosaic garden pavers and a wall mural. It began two weeks … Continue reading

Sunday Studio Visit – Workshopping Mosaics

Sunday Studio Visit – Workshopping Mosaics This Sunday I am not in my studio – I am participating in a mosaics workshop in someone else’s studio! I am working on  a project with the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre to create a sensory garden for the Centre grounds. This is a project designed for the special needs group … Continue reading

Eco Dyeing Experiments

I haven’t posted anything on the blog for ages and ages – mostly because of the business I began two years ago with my partner …. yes we have just had our 2nd birthday! The business is called ClayMotion, and we run art and craft classes and sell art supplies. I teach pottery, mosaics, acrylic … Continue reading

Finishing Touches to the Studio Renovations :-)

Last Sunday I posted about the studio renovations that have been happening for about a month now. Basically the renos are finished, apart from a few finishing touches – some of which were addressed this Sunday. In chilly Ballarat “Winter in Coming” so I’ve had to have a temporary curtain up between the original studio and … Continue reading

Working in the Studio – custom orders

This week, besides the usual hubbub of life, I have been making yarn bowls which I received as a custom order via my DeeDeeDeesigns Facebook page, which is great! In case you didn’t know, DeeDeeDeesigns is my brand for tableware and jewellery. I do take custom orders for sculpture, tableware, jewellery, mosaics and anything arty in general … Continue reading

Happy Spring!!

Happy Spring everyone – if you are in the Southern hemisphere (which I am)…. if not Happy New Season!! Sorry, I missed the last Sunday studio visit…. my gorgeous studio companion,Eddy, passed away after a rapid illness – thankfully it was not drawn out and painful… but he is sorely missed. As an artist i … Continue reading

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