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Sunday Studio Visit

Sunday Studio Visit – a Sunday drive!

There was no work happening in the studio today! This week was the final week of term for teaching pottery classes from my studio, and after three weeks of being sick it was time for a Sunday drive!

This cold virus refuses to budge! It is better than it was two weeks ago, at least I feel half human now, but it just won’t release its slimy grip!

We have had lots of rain here, particularly in the past week with 54 mls overnight last Tuesday – the following morning the studio was flooded for my Wednesday class and still very damp for Thursday night and Saturday morning classes.

So DH & I decided to take advantage of the rainfall and visit a couple of the local waterfalls… yes ‘local’, lucky huh?

I didn’t take pics as there were so many people having the same idea we did! So I took a couple of videos instead. Despite being Spring it was a typically cold Ballarat day but at least the rain held off, so the brolly could stay in the boot.

The first video is Lal Lal falls, about a ten minute drive from where I live, and the second is Tretham Falls, about a fifty minute drive. The drive to Trentham was lovely with a coffee stop in Blackwood at a cute boutique cafe and then a stroll around Trentham, a quaint regional town in central Victoria, finishing with an icy cold beer at the local pub – just what we needed to finish off a busy teaching term.


And, so without further ado here are the videos – enjoy 🙂



2 thoughts on “Sunday Studio Visit – a Sunday drive!

  1. Great videos Dawn! What an incredible downpour we had.

    Liked by 1 person

    Posted by Louise | September 21, 2016, 10:56 am

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