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Day Three of Facebook Pottery Challenge

After reading previous posts you will know that I am participating in a challenge on Facebook where potters are asked to post three pot pictures for five days and also nominate another to do the same each day – so I thought I would also share these pictures with my wordpress readers – that’s you 🙂

I am taking a nostalgic approach to this challenge and am sharing pictures that reflect my development over the years…yesterdays post showed pots from my 2nd & 3rd years at Uni while the previous post featured pots with modelled wildlife on them, illustrating my nature influences – these nature influences remained, and continue to remain, but have evolved to become more abstract.

Today’s images are from my Honours year at Uni – 2004. It was this year that I began to to experiment with pit firing for the first time whilst exploring the function of pottery in contemporary society. To this end my work began to evolve from a functional form to a more abstract form, as illustrated by the images.

The images are not great quality…. they were taken in 2004 before I knew much about photography and before I had a great camera…. but they show the development of the work

You can check out my original post on my Facebook page, and even follow me if you like what you see 🙂

Until tomorrow….



5 thoughts on “Day Three of Facebook Pottery Challenge

  1. Beautiful volcanic glaze! I’ve never had the pleasure to work with it- it creates such a unique texture. Best of luck on the FB challenge!


    Posted by McCallister Sculpture | January 28, 2015, 2:53 pm


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